Today’s kids have tremendous opportunities to be global citizens. Through my writings, I want to expose them to the daily lives and culture of children in Africa. 

My books are mostly influenced by my personal experiences growing up as a child in Cameroon, though having two sons also help a lot—their lives are full of adventures. But wait; there is more… Each interaction and mostly each classroom visit is always an opportunity to learn from children. It’s important to know what your audience is curious about or how they react to your existing books.

Mambo's Toy Collection
Mambo's toy collection

Mambo's toy collection

Mambo is a very clever boy. Yes - he recycles things; he uses old things that nobody wants to make new toys! When Kai comes to play one day, they make a few new and special toys. What can they make? What will they make? Have fun finding out! Now available on Amazon
Tuma's Boot
cover-image - Tuma's bootTuma and Mama are playing in the river when – oh no! – Tuma’s boot sails downstream. But Mama tells Tuma that there are plenty of other creatures who could use it. What could a duck do with Tuma’s boot? Or an otter?
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Africa ABC
Africa ABC - Alphabet bookK stands for Kilimanjaro.
Featuring an amazing adventure through Africa, this alphabet book is perfect for all ages. Younger readers and preschoolers are exposed to rich language, increased global awareness, and exciting exploration of the African culture and geography without the travel hassle.

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Mambo and the Great Baobabs Reunion
Mambo and the Great Baobab Reunion - Children's bookMambo is so excited for the village reunion!
Children can come along on his journey as he explores the many things that make his African heritage unique. From food to music and clothing to games, Mambo immerses himself in it all, and, as his curiosity leads him to learn more about his own roots, he learns to love and admire the village and its people.

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Mambo Goes to School
Mambo Goes to School - Children's bookIt’s finally time for Mambo’s first day of school! Mambo is a little bit nervous about going to school at first, but with his best friend Kai by his side and a funny new teacher, Mambo learns that school isn’t scary at all—it’s fun! This day marks the perfect start to a lifelong quest for knowledge, and Mambo knows it will be amazing!

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Mambo Goes to the Market
Mambo Goes to the Market - by Gladys KenfackToday is market day! Mambo is excited to go along with his mother. As they stroll along the vibrant marketplace, Mambo finds something very special. With his mom's help, Mambo learns how to haggle for a good price. In the end, will he make a good deal for his special find?

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Awa Visits Grandma
Awa visits Grandma by Gladys KenfackA fun weekend at Grandma’s is always a treat for Awa and her brother, Jojo. This time, their trip is even more enriching as they learn to be helpers for Grandma throughout their stay.
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Noukya the Ambassador
Noukya the Ambassador - Children's Book traveling in AfricaIn a small school in the country of Cameroon in Central Africa, Noukya has just been selected to participate in the Junior Reading Ambassador program. The program provides opportunities for each ambassador to travel to other African countries and learn about new languages and cultures. As part of the program, the participants exchange books to take back to their respective homeland.
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