Meet Chanel Koumou – Future CEO in the making.

littlegirl_computer      littlegirl_coloring     drawing_floor

This week, we had our youngest guest visit with us at our Studio in Etoudi. Meet Chanel, this bright and energetic 3 year old. We are working to introduce reading to younger kids on the continent. Although she could neither read, neither navigate our digital books, we provided assistance as we watched her eyes dilates in excitement.

We read to her  the naming ceremony –  our ipad book showcasing how Mambo the main character in our book series got his name.  When we got to the hard copy books, she wanted to scribble in them. We provided pen and paper. This gave us an idea either creating coloring books with African characters or including couple of pages at the end of each books where kids can contribute with their creativity and talent. Thus making each book original and special.

Chanel is such a curious and exciting child to be around. The picture in the middle made my day. I titled it: “Future CEO in the Making”

Chanel – thank you for your bright smile and for hanging out with us today. Come back soon and often. Next time, we will share Noukya the ambassador story and we are hoping to have a few friends you can play with as well.

This visit was made possible by Franck Mensah – our studio Director and Chanel’s parents. All photo credits go to him as well.

Thank you,