New book title revealed: Awa visits Grandma

Awa visits Grandma

That’s the title to my upcoming children’s book. Besides revealing the title, I wanted to share a bit on what motivated me to write this story. Especially since it’s not part of the Mambo book series (the main character in my book series). So, here is how Awa came to become the main character of this exciting story.

During a six-hour drive from Yaoundé (my hometown where I was born) to Dschang (my village, where my grandparents live) last year, I decided to use the time to write a story. I began to recall my memories of visiting my grandparents when I was a young girl.

As a child, I had very fond memories of time spent with my grandmothers and of playing with the village kids. The summers spent with them were filled with fun  and laughter but more importantly with helping my grandmas in their day-to-day activities, including working in the field, harvesting, fetching water, feeding the animals (chickens, goats, guinea pigs), washing dishes, scrubbing pots, collecting firewood, cleaning the house, cooking, and much more.

I really loved visiting my grandmothers, and last year was no different. The story of Awa visiting Grandma with her brother Jojo is really close to my heart and makes me smile just thinking of it!

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Enjoy! Gladys