Upcoming book: Noukya the Ambassador

It’s been a while sincNoukya_Cover_2-4-ebooke my last blog post but I am happy to reconnect with you today. I will be sharing a few details about my upcoming book. The inspiration of writing this specific book came after bringing Mambo’s stories (Mambo goes to School particularly) to children in many Seattle area schools.

To many first graders Africa is a country. I always bring a map with me to show them that Africa had many countries including Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa – the selection is meant to show them that there are regions within Africa (Central, West, East, North and South).

During the school visits, the kids were fascinated to see how big the continent was. One day, I had the thought that it would be great to raise and educate world citizens – with globalization, internet penetration and technology, the world is more like a village now – it’s important that kids are exposed early on to the multiple countries, cultures and languages that exist around them and a few miles (internet speed miles) from them.

The second most important and popular question I always got from school age children was regarding the means of transportation available on the continent. Or whether Africa is just a big safari. I decided to focus on a book that would address these two questions in showcasing a select variety of culture in Africa along with showcasing some of the means of transportation that exist in Africa.

Noukya the character was born. Noukya means the “sun shines” in Yemba. Yemba a language of the people from Menoua in the west mountains of Cameroon. Choosing a name that would bring light, inspiration to other African kids as well as those curious about Africa. Another third component of this book that was important to me was introducing reading to kids early on and helping foster the love for reading and discovery through books and travels.

In the book entitled “Noukya the Ambassador”, Noukya is so excited to be part of the Reading Ambassadors program! He will be part of a group of children that get to travel all over the continent of Africa. He will meet children from many different countries and see the varied people, lands, and animals.

Along the way, Noukya learns about the beauty that Africa has to offer. He meets people from new cultures and receives books written in different languages. It is truly a wonderful learning experience!

I really look forward to the release of this book “Noukya the Ambassador” – If you wonder why is he an Ambassador? It’s because I wanted to be one when I was a young kid. I wanted to travel the world and discover new places and new people. I am fulfilling this dream through Noukya.

Stay tuned for a short book trailer release next week! In the meantime, May the sun shine on you always.