Noukya the ambassador is here!

Truly excited to come home and find that the new books have been delivered. The long awaited Noukya hardcover books. I am truly amazed by the breathtaking illustrations – this is almost like a dream coffee book with a story. Below is a synopsis of the story.

noukya_sophieIn a small school in the country of Cameroon in Central Africa, Noukya has just been selected to participate in the Junior Reading Ambassador program. The program provides opportunities for each ambassador to travel to other African countries and learn about new languages and cultures. As part of the program, the participants exchange books to take back to their respective homeland.

Noukya and his friend Sobi travel to Nigeria (West Africa), Morocco (North Africa), Kenya (East Africa) and South Africa (Southern Africa). They use various means of transportation including: airplanes, boats, train, buses, taxis and even Camel.

In each country, they are hosted by the local ambassadors who often put a show for their guests and most of all gladly exchange books and stories. They also take the opportunity to explore as tourist.

Throughout his travels, Noukya collects postcards each showcasing cultural elements from each country. At the end of the program, Noukya is truly excited to have participated in such a great program and looks forward to reading his new collection of books over and over again.

Noukya is thriled by the cultural diversity and the friendliness of the people. He is proud to have also represented his school and his country.

ebook and hardcopy versions of the book are now available on Amazon